What Our Clients Are Saying

"Tim is very knowledgeable about the body, training, and what is needed to get you to your goals. He makes workouts fun. He looked at the equipment we already had at our house and was able to incorporate it into our workouts as needed, but he also customizes workouts to the needs of my husband and I, as we have different goals. He is very flexible and easy to work with. We have enjoyed his training and expertise."

Kelsey L.

"I have worked with Tim for several months, beginning in June. I had not exercised for a number of years. Tim assessed, started me on basic stretches, weights, and a walking regimen. He was patient, always positive, excited for me as I reached and surpassed goals. I've lost 73 pounds and I am thrilled. Tim's a life preserver for me, I am grateful to hum for his help."

Patrick Q.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tim the last few weeks. He is flexible with my crazy schedule which is such a huge help. He is also incredibly encouraging while pushing me harder at the same time. With my job I do not always have access to a gym; however, Tim customizes exercises to what I do have available. Lastly, he always makes sure that we have a lot of fun during our sessions :)"

Leah W.

"I've been working with Tim now for a couple months and the difference is visible! He is motivating and makes the workouts individual are new each session. Its so convenient to work out in my own home. Totally reasonable pricing as well. Highly recommend!!!"

Ashley M.

"Excellent personal training and results! I feel younger and much more energetic. In one year of Physique training I lost 37lb and went from size 16 to size 8. Best of all I went from body age of 67 to 53 and gained 4 lb of muscle. I love all the fun personalized exercises that keep me motivated. If I can do it @ 68 yr. anyone can. Best trainer & results that have greatly improved my health and life. Thank you Physique!"

Barbara M.

"Not only is Tim a trainer, he is a teacher as well. He has shown me the proper way to execute the exercises without getting hurt. And finds ways to utilize my home, without buying a bunch of exercise equipment."

Troy J.

"Tim is the ultimate guru. He pinpointed my weaknesses in our first session and has strengthened my upper body to match my lower body strength in little over one month! Tim is not only a great trainer for beginners, but for the seasoned fitness junkie, as well! In addition, I have never felt uncomfortable in my home with him there. He is genuine and personable. I highly recommend him to anyone!"

Theisi G.

"Tim started with a health assessment and interviewed me regarding my needs and goals. We worked out together for over a year and I made significant progress and learned a great deal about what kind of exercises to do and how to do them correctly. He is very knowledgeable and his prices are reasonable. I stopped working out with Tim due to an injury unrelated to my workouts and subsequent surgery. Once I get the green light from my doctor I will work out with him again."

Elizabeth M.
May, 2013

"I've started working with Tim to get ready for my fall wedding and I can't wait to see the results! It's so nice to have someone come to you and show you how to get in great shape with what you already have in your home. Such a great find!"

Kelsey B.

"I was really out of shape and gained weight since I stopped working out due to illness and injury. I'd been thinking of joining a gym and finding a new personal trainer when I heard about Tim recently. I found out he comes to you--a real perk--so I decided to meet with him and see what I thought. I've had several trainers over the years at different places, but this way I wouldn't have to join a place AND pay for the trainer. I arranged to meet with Tim, and we discussed my goals, limitations and needs, and what I was looking for in a trainer. I liked him right away and thought he would be a good trainer for me. I found out that he will train two people for the same price so I asked a friend to join me. Tim is very positive and encouraging, and has been able to coax us to do "just a little more". He varies our workouts, and gives each of us attention. He's been flexible if we need to adjust our schedule, too. (We're only able to meet once a week right now, but he didn't pressure us to meet more often.)"

Nancy W.
October, 2014

"Tim is a personal trainer who comes to your home. He first started with my husband who had become so obese he couldn't get up the stairs without getting out of breath. He came twice a week. Several times he offered to include me in the workout without additional charge. I resisted at first but after being diagnosed with a 50% blockage in my left carotid artery, I decided it was time.

My husband's condition began to improve very quickly. He was motivated to watch his food intake and started to see his blood sugar levels drop as well as weight loss. Tim brings all equipment needed, instructs you in the exercises, varies them every time so you don't get bored and watches carefully to make sure you don't injure yourself. Long story short, after two years of working with Tim, we both have lost weight and inches. Our core strength is really good and mobility greatly improved. We now go to the gym two to four times a week, depending on our work schedules. We feel confident using the cardio and weight machines at the gym as well as using free weights. My husband's blood sugar levels are now always normal and the blockage in my carotid artery cleared. Tim brings the workout to your level and gradually makes it harder without you really noticing. He gets you outside and moving. He constantly praises your efforts. We are in our 60's. When Tim first starts working with you, he takes measurements and records them and then periodically repeats them so you can see your progress. At first, I wasn't losing weight but when it was time to take measurements again, I had lost inches and fat."

Cindy F.
June 2012