Brides 2B Fit

Welcome To Brides 2B Fit!

As your special day gets closer! We at Physique PHT, know that you and your wedding party is getting very stressed! What we want to do is, help eliminate that stress with our special. We make it Affordable, and to where you pay a one time fee, for of as many sessions you would like to purchase, we come to you, with our equipment, and make it as much fun as we are able to. So now, not only are you going to maintain being the Beautiful Bride that you are! We are going to destroy the stress that you have in you, and get you ready for that BIG day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl.

What You Get:
- Private sessions with Tim, your personal trainer / nutrition consultant, for you and your bridal party
- Custom workouts targeting legs, arms, shoulders, back, and abs PLUS a combo to blast all unwanted fat ...
- Free nutrition coaching
- Body fat testing and analysis - tracking progress and getting results
- Fun atmosphere
- Affordable
- Flexible scheduling

- Brides and Bridesmaids: $15 per person (5 person minimum)