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New, detailed workout plans with nutritional advice that are specific to your needs!


Let us help you set and accomplish goals in a way that will both empower and excite you. Train to achieve and maintain your ideal weight! Increase your energy levels, feel great and most importantly: be healthy!


Work to increase your overall vitality and strength with one-on-one training sessions with an expert in-house trainer customized specifically to suit your health and fitness needs!


Don't wait any longer, take charge of your health and body today! Let Physique Personal Home Training provide the resources you need to get in to the shape you've always dreamed of!

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Tim is a personal trainer who comes to your home. He first started with my husband who had become so obese he couldn't get up the stairs without getting out of breath. He came twice a week. Several times he offered to include me in the workout without additional charge. I resisted at first but after being diagnosed with a 50% blockage in my left carotid artery, I decided it was time.

My husband's condition began to improve very quickly. He was motivated to watch his food intake and started to see his blood sugar levels drop as well as weight loss. Tim brings all equipment needed, instructs you in the exercises, varies them every time so you don't get bored and watches carefully to make sure you don't injure yourself. Long story short, after two years of working with Tim, we both have lost weight and inches. Our core strength is really good and mobility greatly improved. We now go to the gym two to four times a week, depending on our work schedules. We feel confident using the cardio and weight machines at the gym as well as using free weights. My husband's blood sugar levels are now always normal and the blockage in my carotid artery cleared. Tim brings the workout to your level and gradually makes it harder without you really noticing. He gets you outside and moving. He constantly praises your efforts. We are in our 60's. When Tim first starts working with you, he takes measurements and records them and then periodically repeats them so you can see your progress. At first, I wasn't losing weight but when it was time to take measurements again, I had lost inches and fat."

Cindy F.
Gladstone, Missouri